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Yoga separate from its tenets can feel like an untethered horse.

If you seeking ways to live your yoga, here are some resources:

Karma Yoga and the Season of Giving

Kiesha shared thoughts on the relationship between Karma Yoga and Moksha.

Yoga Ethics of Transforming Racism

As a black yoga teacher, Kiesha co-created an e-course “Yoga Ethics for Transforming Racism” program with Kristine Kaoverii Weber of Subtle Yoga.

Podcasts with Kiesha

Kiesha was featured on Healing Charlotte Podcast where they talk about how yoga ethics can transform racism.

The State of Union

Kiesha was featured in Episode 3 of Jnana Yoga as part of the branches of yoga for The State of Union. Kiesha shares this special episode with Jivana Heyman, Shankari Goldstein, J Miles, Michelle Johnson and Amina Naru.

Amplify and Activate

Kiesha serves as a co-director of Amplify and Activate. Amplify and Activate is committed to the voices of BIPOC leaders where self-care is centered in the social justice and yoga world.

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