Saturday January 1, 2021 11am to 3pm EST AND Sunday January 2, 2021 11am - 3pm EST.


Take the opportunity to create anew.  Face 2021 with a blank canvas.  2020 is gone, today is a new beginning.  You can draw anything you want on your canvas.


This workshop is a journey to change. An in depth study of who you are, how you are, you deciding what you need to release, and how to set personal goals for the year to come. We will, literally, be "burning away" the old, the falsehoods, and untruths to make way for the new awarenesses of who we are so that we might live free in our truths and free from false labels. 


What you’ll receive from this journey:

  • 2 four hour guided discussion on the philosophical yogic principles of Svādhyāya, Avidya, and Dharma

  • Writing Meditation and Contemplation Practices

  • Handout Materials


What you need for this journey:

  • Writing paper, plain white paper and/or your Journal 

  • Poster paper (if you have it)

  • Colored pencils, markers, whatever you have to be creative.

  • Post-It notes or Scrap paper

  • Burning bowl or pot (Sunday) 

  • Candle/matches

  • Appointment book/Calendar


Who am I in 2021 with Sri Jiva Badu