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July 17 -

Yoga Retreat for Woman of Color

This summer, join Maya Breuer, Kiesha Battles, and others for Kripalu’s annual Yoga Retreat for Women of Color—this year online! With a community of women, experience a journey to happiness by going within to explore sacred aspects of the goddess Oshun—the goddess of divinity, femininity, fertility, beauty, and love. While she may at times hide within, with the proper methods Oshun can help guide us toward reaching feelings of joy and happiness unbound.

Through dance, breathwork, art, movement, and yoga travel within and dive into self-love, conscious thought, creativity, health awareness, and the sacred feminine!

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July 23 - 25
Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma is a part of the human experience. At any given time, we will encounter events that are so overwhelming that they leave a lasting negative effect. Our yoga students are no exception. Trauma informed yoga is a method of teaching that avoids retraumatizing a student, helps the student learn to trust themselves and gives them tools for self regulation. 

This training will teach you how to teach trauma informed yoga as well as how to make what you already teach more trauma informed.

October 3 - 9th

Conscious Yoga Summit

Hold Fast to the Light


Cultivating a Bhāva (sentiment) towards the Taoist theories of Yin/Yang and the 5 Elements hold a one-pointed focus on the breath, the lungs while holding physical shapes in an energetic Yin state of mind.  Blankets are suggested for this practice as postures will be held for extended periods of time.


Through the practices of Trāṭak and Shamatha Vipassana meditation practices let anything and everything unfold as we passively watch, feel, and percieve all that comes into the light of the observer. An orange candle is recommended for this practice.  Optional props:  meditaton cushion or blanket  "

October 17 -

Yoga Retreat for Woman of Color

Save the date for the upcoming virtual retreat organized with Kripalu.