Upcoming Events

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October 3 - 9th

Conscious Yoga Summit

Online Weekend Festival


Hold Fast to the Light


Cultivating a Bhāva (sentiment) towards the Taoist theories of Yin/Yang and the 5 Elements hold a one-pointed focus on the breath, the lungs while holding physical shapes in an energetic Yin state of mind.  Blankets are suggested for this practice as postures will be held for extended periods of time.


Through the practices of Trāṭak and Shamatha Vipassana meditation practices let anything and everything unfold as we passively watch, feel, and percieve all that comes into the light of the observer. An orange candle is recommended for this practice.  Optional props:  meditaton cushion or blanket  "

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Healing Through Awakening

September 5th, 12 - 4pm EDT


We must open our eyes to awaken and  bear witness to the beauty and love that surrounds us, embraces and holds us. Join us in opening our hearts and minds in  raising our awareness on a path toward healing. 

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October 17 -

Yoga Retreat for Woman of Color

Coming soon

Save the date for the upcoming virtual retreat organized with Kripalu.