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Cassandra Cureton

200hr: June 2021

Cassandra initially came to yoga to relieve pain from an injury. She ran the gamut of specialists, therapists, and injections; but, when conversation turned to surgery, she stepped off the hamster wheel. She began taking yoga classes two times a week and noticed both her mental and physical condition improved each time she got on the mat. This awareness started her yoga journey.

Cassandra’s first training was a deep dive into Yin yoga. The practice of Yin ended the constant jerkiness of her normal High Intensity Interval Training routine. In Yin yoga, she experienced the benefits of holding poses longer and using her breath to release tension and relax into the poses.

Her love of Yin sparked a yearning for more in-depth knowledge of yoga – its history and philosophy. As a yoga teacher, Cassandra guides her students with a methodical and practical approach to the body-focused aspects of asana. She also offers the means to understand and embrace yoga’s life-changing principles and philosophies.

For Cassandra, yoga is about the unity between mind, body, and spirit. Her class format balances mindful movement of the body through strength, flexibility, exertion, and release. You can expect to move, sweat, and breathe.

Cassandra is an avid reader, who loves traveling, music and crafting. She also has her own baking business and creates cake decorations for custom cakes. One of her greatest joys is spending time with her family and friends.

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