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Sonia McCullen

200hr: September 2021

After practicing yoga on and off for many years, Sonia committed to her yoga practice at the
beginning of 2021 and received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification with I Am
Yoga in September. She specializes in Yin Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga, with the intention to help
women strengthen their bodies enabling safe passage and providing strong attachment for their babies.

Originally from Joliet, IL, Sonia is a mom and technical writer. She gained a bachelor’s degree in English from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and studied Professional Writing at The University of Memphis. She created The Word Yard, LLC, a professional writing boutique that specializes in custom resumes for professionals in 2015. A lifelong learner, Sonia fosters her love for both writing and yoga by hosting workshops in journaling and storytelling that employ yoga principles and practices. Sonia lives in Charlotte with her daughter, Crescent.

When the two of them aren’t traveling and spending time with family, you can catch her at home in thick, fuzzy socks reading a book and sipping tea… or wine.

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Heather McDowell

200hr: June 2021

I took my first yoga class in 2003 at a local YMCA. Although, I thought the class was difficult, I had an
amazing experience of relaxation and calm in savasana and I remember wanting to experience that
again! I took classes on and off throughout the years but I found myself needing an outlet when I
became a primary caregiver to my parents. I began practicing consistently in 2015 and I have been
hooked ever since! Yoga helped me navigate grieving the loss of my parents, it has given me peace of
mind, mental clarity, it has helped me relieve stress, and it has caused me to live more mindfully. With a
more consistent practice, my interest in yoga deepened so much so that I attended my first yoga retreat
with Kelley Palmer in 2016 in Yogaville. I have also been on retreats since then in Asheville, NC and in
Negril, Jamaica. My deepening interest led to me complete my 200hr yoga teacher certification with
Kiesha Battles and Candace Jennings with I Am Yoga in Charlotte, NC in July 2021 and I’m excited to
share the benefits of yoga with others! I enjoy gentle/slow flow yoga but love Yin Yoga.
I graduated from Winston-Salem State University in 2000 with a B.A. in Psychology, and I graduated
from UNC-Charlotte in 2003 with a M.A. in counseling. I am licensed in mental health and substance
abuse counseling and I have incorporated mindfulness practices in my full-time work with therapy

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Brianna Glover

200hr: June 2018

I AM Yoga YTT changed my life. Kiesha and Candace helped me begin my journey to healing, self discovery, self love and care. Identify those things holding me back, mainly ego and learning to silence that voice of fear and letting go of those things that no longer serve me, aparigraha. Finding the path to lead myself on a journey of guiding others to healing. I highly recommend this training. The authentic experience and self awareness that you gain are priceless. Asana is just one principle of yoga. During this training, you learn how to teach them all on and off the mat.”

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Kaisha Bracey

200hr: June 2018

When I decided to pursue Yoga Teacher Training, I prayed for someone specific. God allowed me to connect with this beautiful woman who has inspired me more than she even knows. Growth and a huge shift has taken place in my life since I chose this journey! Progress and healing is never easy...honestly it’s ugly at times! I am grateful that I had a strong support system to keep me on track and push me into my purpose! You can purchase I AM YOGA merchandise from

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Niambi Ivery

200hr: September 2021

Niambi was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2016.

She is a self-proclaimed Peaceful Warrior because she fights for the things she’s passionate about with an understanding that love and peace are her greatest tools.

Niambi is a coffee lover, plant mama, and nature frolicker (you can usually find her on a greenway or in a park walking in grass, near water, swinging in a hammock or just sunbathing). She is also a parent educator and family advocate.

After practicing yoga for over 10 years off and on she became more consistent in her practice in 2017 and decided in 2020 to pursue the Yoga Teacher Training program, she graduated in September 2021.

Niambi is an advocate for self-care, self-love, and self-awareness and sees her yoga practice as the vehicle to navigate them all. She especially enjoys Deep Stretch and how the breath allows the body to go to amazing lengths.

Life is always full of excitement and activity as the mom of 3 sons, Niambi is also Plant Mama to a whole host of plants that bring her peace, joy, and many life lessons off the mat.

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Cassandra Cureton

200hr: June 2021

Cassandra initially came to yoga to relieve pain from an injury. She ran the gamut of specialists, therapists, and injections; but, when conversation turned to surgery, she stepped off the hamster wheel. She began taking yoga classes two times a week and noticed both her mental and physical condition improved each time she got on the mat. This awareness started her yoga journey.

Cassandra’s first training was a deep dive into Yin yoga. The practice of Yin ended the constant jerkiness of her normal High Intensity Interval Training routine. In Yin yoga, she experienced the benefits of holding poses longer and using her breath to release tension and relax into the poses.

Her love of Yin sparked a yearning for more in-depth knowledge of yoga – its history and philosophy. As a yoga teacher, Cassandra guides her students with a methodical and practical approach to the body-focused aspects of asana. She also offers the means to understand and embrace yoga’s life-changing principles and philosophies.

For Cassandra, yoga is about the unity between mind, body, and spirit. Her class format balances mindful movement of the body through strength, flexibility, exertion, and release. You can expect to move, sweat, and breathe.

Cassandra is an avid reader, who loves traveling, music and crafting. She also has her own baking business and creates cake decorations for custom cakes. One of her greatest joys is spending time with her family and friends.

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Candace Jennings

200hr: April 2017; 300hr June 2019

Rama Kiesha Battles... I'm so very proud of you!! Teaching 900 classes per week (!!!), Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend... AAAAND another long distance Certification Program!!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!! Honored to be your graduate!! SHINE ON!!!”

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Andrea Cole

200hr: June 2019

I am so OVERJOYED and GRATEFUL to officially be a Certified Yoga Instructor! My heart is so full of gratitude for the beautiful women pictured. Kiesha Battles Candace Jennings These two amazing teachers have guided me on the journey of self-awareness, challenge, and peace throughout our precious time together. I am forever appreciative and honored to have received your guidance. I can’t wait to continue learning and growing with you both!

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Sation Konchellah

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Keyvietta Baldwin

Join Key for virtual yoga class through I AM YOGA: Monday @ 9pm-10pm : Slow Flow . $5

A slow flow fit for those who unwind later than most; parents, teachers, doctors etc. Perfect for relaxing & preparing for a good nights rest

-Thursday @ 6am-7am : Gentle Awakening . $8

A gentle flow to awaken the mind & body for the day ahead. A great day starter to give thanks and affirm your day.

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Eternity Philops

200hr: August 2017

This is Kiesha Battles, my teacher, my sensei. Two years ago she invested her time and teachings in me, and she is a big reason I am where I am today. ❤ She is magik personified, and one of the absolute best Yoga teachers in Charlotte

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Shawn Taylor Moore

200hr: October 2019

I get so energized when I know I will be in this sister's presence! A beautiful Self-Care Sunday including Yoga, sightseeing, shopping and the sharing of food and wisdom. Kiesha Battles is an exceptional Yogi (E-RYT 500), business woman, wife, mother and one of my Self-Care Dream Team mentors! Thank you for believing I'm worth it every time we meet!

"The bling version of the I Am Yoga logo was on my mind for some time. Candace Jennings, the very first graduate of this phenomenal yoga program pulled me to the side one day and asked what it would take to have the logo in bling. I Am Yoga has touched many hearts and changed the lives of hundreds of people. It is truly an honor and a privilege to offer this powerful logo in a beautiful bling design. It allows us to not only show our love for the I Am Yoga brand, but also express gratitude for the individuals who share the positive impact of yoga on our lives, constantly give of themselves and selflessly hold space for us in our time of need. " - Kaisha B, I AM YOGA alumni.

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